Jewelry has always held a fascination for me. My first adventures in its creation involved handmade lampwork beads and antique typewriter keys. My love for creating jewelry led me to accept a position as a bench jeweler for a jewelry store where I apprenticed for several years. During this time, my skills expanded into metalsmithing and stone setting, and a new path for my art emerged. Each new technique led to another design idea, and it wasn’t long before metalsmithing had become one of my life's passions.​​

I love the raw, organic beauty of metal, and my series featuring reticulated silver with colorful patinas are an homage to that beauty. I relish the artistic process of not only being a creator, but also a partner with the metal itself as we work together to create the textures and colors in my jewelry.

Thank you for your interest in my handcrafted jewelry!

If you would like to communicate with me about a design that you are interested in, please email Audrey at or visit me at Sparrowood Jewelers, Raleigh NC.

Please allow 24 hours to respond.